Client Services

At Malev Realty, LLC, we value our clients. Every day we strive to maintain and strengthen the trust and confidence of our established clients and earn the trust and confidence of new clients. We accomplish this by consistently providing impeccable customer service.

Asset Disposition Services

Malev Realty, LLC provides traditional listing services with a customized approach. In the course of evaluating a property, we determine the profile of the most likely buyers and target that group of buyers. To complement this targeted approach, we also cover the broader population of commercial property investors to ensure that we do not leave any prospects out of the bidding process.

In addition to advertising on and other commercial real estate advertising mediums, we spend a significant amount of time calling prospects to generate interest in our properties. This custom-made, methodical process results in each property being thoroughly marketed.

Also, we prepare a very detailed and precise marketing brochure and have a secure web site where we distribute confidential property information to prospects. Collectively, we believe, our diligent marketing process and our sophisticated resources gives us the competitive advantage we need to yield the highest proceeds for our clients while minimizing the impact on the property’s operations.

Buyer Representation Services

Malev Realty, LLC provides buyer representation services to multi-family operators and developers seeking assistance locating and securing the purchase of multi-family properties and land sites.

Astute buyers, who have a distinct business model, appreciate Malev Realty’s understanding of their business, our attention to detail and ability to match properties with investors. When sourcing properties for clients, Malev Realty carefully matches properties and buyers rather than employing the ubiquitous “shotgun approach”. As a result, Malev Realty strives to send only those offerings that match our client’s criteria rather than inundating them with offerings that are often far outside their stated parameters.

Malev Realty's clients also appreciate our deep knowledge of the local market and our ability to advise them on the benefits and pitfalls of various locations.

Distressed and REO Properties

Malev Realty, LLC provides asset disposition services to lenders who have REO properties or who are planning to foreclose on properties. Malev Realty can help lenders understand the value of their collateral and the best course of action to realize the highest recovery for their investors. Malev Realty has been very successful helping lenders monetize their assets in a variety of circumstances including REO, bankruptcy auctions, broken condominium projects and bond financing defaults.

Whether you are a lender trying to formulate a strategy with respect to a non-performing asset; a property owner considering a sale; or a prospective buyer looking for a specific property type and location, Malev Realty, LLC can help you accomplish your real estate goals.